Photos by Tiare Rush

For the last 10 years, Tiare Rush of Los Angeles based Coldpiece Photography, has been working to establish a solid foundation and a name for herself in the photography industry.

Following her childhood passions of art and poetry, she now lives her life with a camera in hand ready to create what she fondly calls visual poetry. Being affectionately described as a cold piece of work by her friends and colleagues, she views every shoot as an opportunity to capture the timeless moments, creativity and beauty of her subjects.

Specializing in shooting fashion, artists and entertainers, Rush has developed a unique and highly sought after style. She has incorporated Urban and Street fashion into her work, shooting for a few clothing lines and designers. As her passion continues to grow, she has sought to develop her versatility as a photographer by adding diversity to her portfolio. She is now shooting weddings and children, and continues to explore other avenues that have yet to be cold touched.


Tiare Rush